MAC - 2512 - Calculus 2 for Advanced Placement Students


For entering freshmen who have Advanced Placement Calculus AB credit for MAC 2311. MAC 2512 covers those topics in MAC 2311 and MAC 2312, which is not included or only partially covered in the AP Calculus AB curriculum. Some topics from the AP curriculum are reviewed briefly in the first part of the semester. The combination of AP Calculus AB and MAC 2512 has the same content as the MAC 2311/2312 sequence. Calculus 2 topics to which the student has been exposed in AP Calculus AB are covered more quickly in MAC 2512 than in MAC 2312. (M) Credit will be given for, at most, one of MAC 2312, MAC 2512 and MAC 3473.

Frequency: Not Offered the Past 3 years

Last Offered: Not offered the past 3 years

Fulfills the following requirements:

Course prerequisites include some or all of:

MAC - 2311